What’s In A Blog, Anyway?

This is my first official blog post, so…

“Please excuse the crudity of this model.”

Sunday, January 24th, 2021

Bill Klubeck


Introduction (a little bit about me)

I have wanted, needed to get into this amazing world of freelance writing and online blogging. I’ve been working and dreaming of this off and on for years now. I’ve loved writing since I was young – I attended a Young Author’s workshop in sixth grade. But as many childhood dreams go, I tried – and failed – to make a go of it. In high school, I snagged a spot on the school newspaper by getting into the Publications class a year early…they generally accepted sophomores and above, but with some clout from my big brother, the teacher let me join as a freshman.

Problem was, I didn’t know what to write about. Oh, I had a great grasp of the English language, people teased me about my extensive vocabulary. But the creative juices just weren’t flowing yet. My brother was the creative one, I was more technically minded…although I didn’t know that just yet. I bombed the Publications class, set that dream aside and took up other side-track pursuits until I ended up in college for engineering. And so I’ve worked in an 8 to 5 quality engineering role for the last 20 years. A few years ago, beset by stress from my position at a former company, I rediscovered my love for writing. I didn’t jump in right away. Years as an engineer, especially in the quality field, taught me the importance of preparedness and doing it right the first time. I didn’t want to jump in chock full of passion and excitement, but empty on the knowhow. That’s a sure way to bomb out, and if you’re not prepared for rejection and failure, my dream could’ve very well died a second time, for good.

Ready, Set…

So I prepared. I studied copywriting, and have a couple examples of that work on the front page of this site. I even went out and hunted for some freelance gigs, pitched my craft to several local companies. Didn’t get a bite, but that’s part of the deal, I know. And I wrote. I’ve written a couple of articles that I published on LinkedIn (they’re also on this site). I started keeping a Word file journal at the beginning of 2010. I kept entries fairly steadily for about two years, some rough life stuff came up, and I set it aside for several years trying to get everything back on track. I started up again in late 2018, and it’s only increased since. My journaling, up until a few months ago, was nearly daily and between 200 and 300 words per entry. I’ve been writing daily since mid-December, hitting a 700 word average.


So now it’s time. I know it is. I’ve felt something inside that keeps stirring, not the typical come-and-go fits of inspiration that can fall off as suddenly as they hit, leaving you with days, even weeks of writer’s block and no ambition. I try not to ruminate, play the “what if” game. Sure, I wish I’d done this ten, fifteen years ago. But I didn’t. I was busy working and supporting my family, raising five kids. I am not going to waste time and energy regretting the past, only looking forward.

I’m already doing pretty good. I’ve got a lot done in the last month. I’ve had the WordPress site, but now I’m making it more legitimate with my own domain name (and blog posts). I got the final project of my copywriting completed, submitted and reviewed. Now I’m ready to take the certification exam for that. And reading, learning. Never stop learning.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll be getting more content posted soon. Finding my niche, settling in. Peace.

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I'm an engineering professional with years of experience in automotive manufacturing. This career has led me to excel in research and data gathering; facts, figures and evidence can all be collaborated into easy-to-read, persuasive e-mails and reports. I'm a quick study who loves to learn new topics, niches and ideas. Getting it done right the first time, ASAP, is a given with my work ethic. Check out my site and samples. Give me a call or e-mail and let's talk about how I can help you improve your site or business.

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